Scottish File Recovery From Dead Hard Disks

Tierra Data Recovery is a Scottish company, based just outside Edinburgh and is a centre of excellence recovering data for customers in Scotland, all over the UK and overseas.  Tierra provides data recovery to the NHS, universities, PLCs as well as small businesses and home users.

Why use a company based in Scotland?

Tierra is trusted to recover data by customers all over the world.  Our central location means we can perform the fastest recoveries possible for Scottish customers.  If you are working to a deadline, please go to our main site to learn more about our Emergency Service which can greatly reduce the turn-around time.

You may have already discovered that many data recovery companies claim to be based in Scotland but are not.  All work on your equipment is performed by experienced Tierra engineers right here in Scotland – we do not act as agents.  Past customers include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell, and the Scottish Parliament.  To find out more  read some of our Scottish customer testimonials.

We perform the full range of recovery services – including RAID , server, desktop and laptop hard drives, tapes and external hard drive recoveries.  This spans the spectrum from logical work (such as reformatted partitions) right through to top-end internal work (performed in dust-free environment) including full multi-platter swaps.

Professional Analysis for Scottish Businesses and Individuals

Collection is currently FREE and professional analysis costs £32.50 ex VAT for a single hard drive. This is deducted from the cost of recovery.

Once the analysis is complete the results will be sent to you by email.  Only when you are 100% satisfied that your critical data has been recovered do you make full payment.

What will this Cost me?

As well as sending your drive to a trusted and experienced recovery company, we understand cost is also important. The price for a Single Hard Drive Recovery is based on the capacity of your hard drive:

£299 (ex VAT) for hard drives up to and including 500GB

£399 (ex VAT) for hard drives up to and including 1TB.

£499 (ex VAT) for hard drives up to and including 2TB.

In a minority of cases parts may be required.  If this is the case you will be advised on any additional cost once the analysis is complete.  We do not purchase parts without your permission.

Need To Get Files Off Your Dead Hard Disk?  Start Now…

To organise a collection and analysis call Tierra now on 0131 215 1282 or 0845 094 0027 or complete the simple enquiry form on this page.